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2019-001.1 - State of California Internal Control and Compliance (California Government Code section 8546.3) Est. Release Date: September 2020 Employment Status | LWDA - California Labor and Workforce What is Assembly Bill 5? On January 1, 2020, Assembly Bill (AB) 5 took effect. This site provides information on AB 5 for both workers and employers, including the details of when and how this new law affects worker rights and employer obligations, as well as links to various helpful resources. Department of Industrial Relations - State of California Self Insurance Plans (SIP) To fill out a new or renewal application, please visit our Car Washing and Polishing Registration page Law section - California 1720. (a) As used in this chapter, “public works” means: (1) Construction, alteration, demolition, installation, or repair work done under contract and paid for in whole or in part out of public funds, except work done directly by any public utility company pursuant to order of the Public Utilities Commission or other public authority.

The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) is in charge of developing and enforcing California's labor standards—some of the nation's highest. Through its largest divisions the department administers workers' compensation and regulates workplace safety via the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA).

Self Insurance Plans (SIP) Effective May 20, 2019, a new online system was implemented. You must create a new online account.

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